Gearing up for Camp NanoWriMo and A-Z Blog Challenge! (Weekend Writing)

Lots of writing is in my near future!

Is it crazy to think that I like myself better when I’m writing?  I like the person that comes out when I’m busy creating worlds, characters, relationships, rises, falls, villains, and resolutions.  Maybe this is a sign that I really am a writer.  Sure, my mom is my most loyal reader, but it’s not the size of the audience that makes a person a writer…. it’s whether they write or not ;-)

For the April A-Z blogging challenge, I’ll be posting little snippets of my book.  I did this one a week during November for National Novel Writing Month.  These will be SUPER short snippets since my main focus is going to be writing the second book of the Royal Mark series.

Thank you and Goodnight!

Newsletter 4

Not from blogging!

Even though it may seem like it… I’ve been lacking in the writing department lately  :-(

As of March 28th, I will no longer be serving as a missionary.  I’ll will be serving as the Operations Manager for Curing Kids Cancer.  I’m super exciting about this opportunity and one of the best parts is that my boss from Embracing Life lives about 5 minutes away from Curing Kids Cancer’s office.  So, I’ll still be able to help with Embracing Life.

Here is my final newsletter that shares a few more details and prayer requests.  Thank you to all who have been praying for me and praying for Embracing Life.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Newsletter 4

Five Reasons Why Leggings Really Suck… Even Though I Love Them


I know, there are truck loads of articles about leggings out there and I’m sure everyone is now IMG_1711sick of reading how indecent they are or how men need to practice a little self control.

To be honest, leggings really aren’t that big of deal to me when it comes to modesty and dressing…. I found Five totally different reasons to hate leggings.  I’m pretty sure any women who wears anything larger than a size 8 will agree with me.

1 – They don’t tell me when I’m getting fat! They just keep on stretching and accommodate my thickening waistline. SO not a good friend. Jeans, the non-stretchy unforgiving kind, that’s the kind of friend a girl needs. That’s the kind of friend who’ll say, “Girl, put down the doughnut and go run around your block…. like 17 times!”

2 – They give me the go ahead to sit like a man while wearing a dress. Don’t get me wrong, this is great. I put on my fleece lined leggings and cute dress, then I don’t have to worry about whether or not my underwear is showing… because I’m especially wearing stretch pants underneath my dress. Flashbacks of middle school are playing in my mind right now. I hated wearing jeans then too.

This is not a good habit to get into… especially when summer comes and the leggings are stashed away along with the rest of my winter wardrobe.

IMG_17133 – They don’t hold hold up as well as jeans. Man, this is why I love my Levi’s. They have held up for several years without holes, thinning, or the bottoms getting tattered. Leggings are good for about one season and then their done. Remember how I said I don’t have to worry if my underwear is showing when wearing a dress….. after a season of wearing out a pair of leggings… that would definitely not be the case and I would ] have to learn to cross my legs when sitting.

4 – Every curve of my legs is defined. Ok, yes, I’ve read all the blogs about how terrible leggings are as well as the ones that are throwing caution to the wind and wearing them anyway.  I say, to each her own. I don’t care if you wear leggings and I don’t care if you have some vendetta against them.

Personally, I feel a little self conscious when wearing them with a shorter shirt. All I can IMG_1693think is, “My butt is way too big to be wearing these,” and, “Should I have a thigh gap in order to wear these?”

5 – Summer hits and the leggings get packed away.  I pull out my cuts off jeans and can barely button the top button.  I turn around in the mirror and see nothing but a busted can of biscuits.  Fleshy dough, oozing over the tops of those shorts.  See reason #1.

Not cute, Leggings.  Not cute.

But those roller skate socks are kinda cute…

FREE Crochet Pattern: Flower Ear Warmer


This is the pattern I created back in 2008 when I first started selling my little creations.  This is a SUPER basic pattern, very easy, and super quick!  If it’s not quick enough for you or you lack the skills, you can purchase a little something from my Etsy shop.

Remember, this is a free pattern for you to use personally and to give away as gifts and/or charity.   Don’t be a meany by using my pattern to make money :-(

Supplies need: crochet hook size H/8 – 5.00MM; two skeins of yarn of the color(s) of your choice.  For this tutorial, I used Desert Glaze by “I Love this Yarn.”

Techniques needed – single crochet (sc), increase and decrease stitches.  I use a different decrease technique for this pattern that will be in the instructions below.


Free Crochet Ear Warmer

CH 5
ROW 1:  sk first ch; sc in each ch (total of 4 stitches); ch 1
ROW 2: sc in each st; increase 1 (this means you add a second sc in the last st); (total of 5 stitches)
ROW 3: sc in each st; increase 1 (total of 6 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 4: sc in each st; increase 1 (total of 7 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 5: sc in each st; increase 1 (total of 8 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 6: sc in each st; increase 1 (total of 9 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 7: sc in each st; increase 1 (total of 10 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 8: sc in each st; increase 1 (total of 11 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROWS 9-34: sc in each st (total of 11 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 35 (begin decrease):  sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 10 stiches); ch 1; turn
ROW 36: sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 9 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 37: sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 8 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 38: sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 7 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 39: sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 6 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 40: sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 5 stitches); ch 1; turn
ROW 41:  sk 1st st and sc in each stitch (total of 4 stitches); ch 1; turn

FINISH IT OFF: Put your two ends together and sew it up!  I match my ends and use a single crochet stitch to secure the ends together.

Now stick it on your head or give it away to your friend!

Make a Cowl!


I just set up my Etsy shop and I’m in the process of filling it with wonderful things like….


crochet cowl

And This


And These too!


Since I think selling a basic pattern is robbery, I’m going to post my cowl pattern that I use!

Basic Cowl Crochet Pattern

Pick 2 different colored skeins or take 2 skeins of the same color.  You will use both skeins simultaneously  to make the cowl.

  • Ch 40
  • Row 1: skip first two chains, dc in each st, ch 2
  • Rows 2-22: dc in each st; ch 2
  • You should now have a rectangle.  You can even check the length by wrapping it around your neck to make sure it fits.  If it does, fold your rectangle in half, meet up the edges (hamburger style)
  • Half stitch the two sides together to form the rectangle into a loop.

BAM!  That’s it!  You’re done!  Now stick it around your neck!